Commentics Installation issues v1 | Settings>System error

So I installed Commentics at the root of the domain and I had 2 issues trying to get it to work right.

1. was this setting in the index.php page; 
$cmtx_folder     = '/comments/';  
should be: $cmtx_folder     = '/';
(See below for the full index.php code below)

and 2. After you finish the install and go to the real dashboard you will get a error saying that system settings are not correct.

When you get to Settings>System change Commentics Folder to root.
Commentics Folder: root
When you click save it will show a green settings saved at the top of the settings. if you put the incorrect path in the box it will continue to shoe a red error at the top.
It will continue to give you the popup error but if it keeps (root) in the box then it is saved and is working correctly
You can just click (Don't show this again)

commentice root folder